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Masonic All Star Game

Notes from the Webmaster: The above picture is from an All Star Masonic Baseball Game played in Trenton, NJ on October 12, 1935, sponsored by Trenton Forest #4, Tall Cedars of Lebanon. It was won by the National League 7-6.

I first saw the picture in December 1979 when the DeMolay State Council held a Fall Conclave at the Masonic Headquarters at Burlington. A few months or years later, I wrote to Grand Lodge and they sent me a mimeographed copy, which measures about 8.5" x 14", which through the wonders of modern technology I was able to scan and shrink it. The stats below are from the 8th Edition of The Baseball Encyclopedia, a 2781 page book filled with everything you want to know about baseball (until 1990 for this edition).

I don't think the above picture includes everybody. First of all, there are only 23 players, 11 of which are pitchers. Also I don't see Roger "Doc" Cramer, a member of Mariners Lodge #150 in Barnegat. He played 1929-1948 for the Athletics, Red Sox, Senators, and Tigers. A lifetime .296 hitter with 2705 hits, in 1935, he hit .332 for the Athletics, and was named to the American League All-Star Team.

Front Row: (left to right)
  • Tiny Parker, Umpire
  • Sad Sam Jones, Pitcher - played 1914 - 1935 for the Indians, Red Sox, Yankees, Browns, Senators and White Sox; Career record 229-217 ERA of 3.84; Played in 4 World Series, on 2 winners; in 1935: 8-7 4.05 ERA for Chicago White Sox
  • Lefty Grove, Pitcher - played 1925 - 1941 for the Athletics and Red Sox; Career record 300-141 ERA of 3.06; Played in 3 World Series, on 2 winners(as Jimmy Foxx's and Max Bishop's teammate); in 1935: 20 -12 2.70 ERA for the Red Sox; AL MVP in 1931;Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1947
  • Sam Foxx, not listed in the Encyclopedia, possibly a minor leaguer
  • Jimmie Foxx, 1B - played 1925 - 1945 for the Athletics, Red Sox, Cubs, and Philles; Career 534 home runs, 1921 RBIs, .325 batting average, .609 slugging percentage; Played in 3 World Series, on 2 winners; in 1935: 36 home runs (lead league), 115 RBIs, .346 batting average for the Athletics; Triple Crown in 1933; AL MVP in 1932, 1933, 1938; Elected to Hall of Fame in 1951
  • Rip Collins, 1b, played 1931-1941 for the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates; Career 135 home runs, .296 batting average; Played in 3 World Series, 2 winners; in 1935: 23 home runs, 122 RBIs, .313 batting average for the Cardinals
  • W. Clifford Case, Grand Tall Cedar
  • Max Bishop, 2B, played 1924 - 1935 for the Athletics and Red Sox; Career .271 batting average; Played in 3 World Series, on 2 winners (as Lefty Grove's, Jimmy Foxx's teammate); in 1935 hit .230 for the Red Sox
  • Herb Pennock, Pitcher, played 1912-1934 for the Athletics, Red Sox, Yankees; Career 240-162 3.61 ERA; 5 World Series, 2 winners; had retired prior to 1935; Elected to the Hall of Fame 1948
  • Charles Gelbert, INF, played 1929-1940 for the Cardinals, Reds, Tigers, Senators, Red Sox; Career batting average .267; in 1935: .292 batting average for the Cardinals
  • Frankie Hayes, catcher, played 1933-1947 for the Athletics, Browns, Phillies, Indians, White Sox, and Red Sox; Career 119 home runs, .259 batting average; did not play in 1935; Member of Olive Branch Lodge #16, Freehold, NJ

Middle Row (left to right):

  • Hulet (no first name listed), not listed in the Encyclopedia, possibly a minor leaguer
  • Ethan Allen, outfielder, played 1926 - 1938 for the Reds, Giants, Cardinals, Philles, Cubs and Browns; Career .300 batting average; in 1935 hit .307 for the Phillies
  • George "Kiddo" Davis, outfielder,played 1926 - 1938 of the Yankees, Phillies, Giants, Cardinals, Phillies, Reds; Career .282 hitter; in 1935 hit .264 for the Giants, play in 2 World Series, 1 winner
  • Dazzy Vance, pitcher, played 1915 - 1935 for the Pirates, Yankess, Dodgers, Cardinals and Reds; Career record of 197-140 3.24 ERA, led NL in strike-outs for 7 consecutive years (1922-28); in 1935 was 3-2 4.41 ERA for the Dodgers; 1 World Series, 1 winner; Pitched no-hitter vs. Phillies in 1925; Elected to the Hall of Fame 1955
  • Waite Hoyt, Pitcher, played 1918 - -1938 for the Giants, Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, Athletics, Pirates, Dodgers; Career record of 237-182 3.59 ERA; in 1935 was 7-11 with 3.40 ERA for the Pirates; played in 7 World Series, 3 winners, Elected to the Hall of Fame 1969
  • Red Rolfe, 3B, played 1931-1942 for the Yankees; Career .289 batting average; in 1935, hit .300 for the Yankees; played in 6 World Series, 5 winners
  • Curley Ogden, pitcher,played 1922-1926 for the Athletics, and Senators with a career record of 18-19 .379 ERA; Played in 1 World Series, 1 winner
  • Dick Porter, outfielder, played 1929-1934 for the Indians and Red Sox; Career .308 batting average

Back Row (left to right):

  • Charlie Hargreaves, catcher, played 1923-1930 for the Dodgers, and Pirates; Career .270 batting average
  • George Earnshaw, pitcher, played 1928-1936 for the Athletics, White Sox, Dodgers and Cardinals, Career record of 127-93 4.38 ERA; in 1935 had a combined record of 9-14 4.60 ERA for the White Sox and Dodgers; Played in 3 World Series, 2 winners
  • Bucky Walters, pitcher, played 1931-1950 for the Braves, Red Sox, Phillies, and Reds; Career record of 198-160 3.30 ERA; in 1935 was 9-9 with a 4.26 ERA for the Phillies; NL MVP 1939; played in 2 World Series, 1 winner
  • Rube Walberg, pitcher,played 1923-1937 for the Giants, Athletics, and Red Sox; Career record of 155-141 4.17 ERA; in 1935 was 5-9 3.91 ERA; Played in 3 World Series, 2 winners
  • Jim Pattison, pitcher, played in 1929 for the Dodgers with a record of 0-1 4.63 ERA
  • Lena Blackburn, infielder, 1910-1919 for the White Sox, Reds, Red Sox and Phillies (also 1 AB and 1/3 inning pitched in 1927 and 1929), White Sox Manager 1928-1929; Career batting average .214; Originator in 1938 of Blackburne's "Delaware River Baseball Mud" still used to prepare balls for play in the Major Leagues; Member of an unknown NJ Lodge

Some interesting notes:

  • Five of the players in this game, Max Bishop, Jimmie Foxx, George Earnshaw, Lefty Grove, and Rube Walberg were members of the 1929 - 1931 Philadelphia Athletics who went to 3 World Series, winning 2 of them (1929-1930).
  • In 1931 they were joined by a sixth, Waite Hoyt.
  • Also on the 1931 team was Roger "Doc" Cramer, of Mariners Lodge #150 in Barnegat.
  • Over those 3 World Series, these Masonic Pitchers were 9-6 with 2 saves (all but 3 decisions).
  • For the 1930 Champions, a Mason pitched all but 2.1 innings in the 6 six games for the A's.
  • In game 3 in 1929 and game 6 in 1930 (the deciding game), George Earnshaw threw complete game wins on one day rest.
  • Game 5 in 1930 was a very Masonic win for the A's. Earnshaw and Grove combined for a shutout, and the A's won 2-0 on Jimmie Foxx's 9th inning home run.
If you have any other information about this game, please let me know, I'd love to post here (with due credit to my sources, of course). Just .
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