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From a History of Freemasonry in New Jersey 1787-1987
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American/NJ History:
  • Leon Abbett - NJ Governor 1884-87
  • John Beatty - Revolutionary Patriot - Delegate to Continental Congress
  • Joseph D. Bedle - NJ Governor 1875-78
  • Jonathan Belcher
    • "The First Native Born American to be Made a Mason"
    • Governor of the Colony of New Jersey 1747-57
    • Founder of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University)
    • Author of first Thanksgiving Proclamation, issued while NJ Governor
  • David Brearley, Jr. - Revolutionary Patriot - The first person selected to be a delegate to the First Constitutional Convention - a signer of the US Constitution - First RW Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey
  • Jonathan Dayton - signer of US Constitution
  • Mahlon Dickerson - NJ Governor 1815-17
  • Philemon Dickerson - NJ Governor 1836-37
  • Walter Evans Edge - NJ Governor 1917-19 and 1944-47
  • Edward I. Edwards - NJ Governor 1920-23
  • Jonathan Elmer - Delegate to the Continental Congress
  • John Franklin Fort - NJ Governor 1908-11
  • Robert Stockton Green - NJ Governor 1887-90
  • Garrett Augustus Hobart - 24th Vice President of the United States
  • Harold Hoffmann - NJ Governor 1935-38
  • Morgan Foster Larson - NJ Governor 1929-32
  • James Linn - US Congressman 1799-1801 - In 1800, after thirty-five ballots, he cast the tie-breaking vote in the US House of Representatives, electing Thomas Jefferson as 3rd President of the United States (over Aaron Burr)
  • George Craig Ludlow - NJ Governor 1881-84
  • George McClellan - NJ Governor 1878-81 - General-in-Chief, Union Army of the Potomac, 1861-62
  • Arthur Harry Moore - NJ Governor 1926-29, 1932-35, 1938-41
  • William Augustus Newell - NJ Governor 1857-60
  • Aaron Ogden - Revolutionary Patriot - Captain 1st New Jersey Regt, Continental Line 1779 - NJ Governor 1812-13
  • Joel Parker - NJ Governor 1863-66
  • William Paterson - Revolutionary Patriot - Delegate to the Continental Congress - Signer of the US Constitution - NJ Governor 1790-92
  • Rodman McCamley Price - NJ Governor 1854-57
  • John Rathbone Ramsey - US Congressman 1917-21 - Member of Fidelity Lodge #113
  • Theodore Fitz Randolph - NJ Governor 1869-72
  • George Sebastian Silzer - NJ Governor 1923-26
  • Richard Stockton - Revolutionary Patriot - Delegate to the First and Second Continental Congress - Signer of Declaration of Independence - Died of privation as a result of his patriotic actions
  • George Theodore Werts - NJ Governor 1893-96
  • James Madison Drake - Congressional Medal of Honor awarded for "gallantry and bravery commanding the skirmish line and holding position" at Bermuda Hundred, Virginia on May 6, 1864
  • James Giles - Revolutionary Patriot - Lieutenant, 2nd New York Artillery Regiment, Continental Line, Revolutionary War. Served with distinction under General LaFayette.
  • Henry Kent Hewitt - Vice Admiral, US Navy, World War II, Commander of Western Naval Task Force, Mediterranean Fleet, North Africa Campaign - Commander of the US Eighth Fleet, Invasion of France, D-Day
  • Benjamin Kaufman - Congressional Medal of Honor awarded in 1919 for "conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity" against the enemy. Wounded while single handedly attacking a machine gun position, he continued to attack, scattering the crew and destroying the position, after which he brought the machine gun and a prisoner back to the allied lines - Argonne Forest, France
  • Carl Emil Petersen - Chief Machinist, US Navy, Boxer Rebellion - Congressional Medal of Honor awarded July 19, 1901 for "meritorious conduct in the presence of the enemy" during the action at Beijing, China - June 28 - Aug 17, 1900
  • Anthony Walton White - Revolutionary Patriot - Aide-de-camp to General George Washington, Commander of all Cavalry, Southern Army, February 16, 1780, Commander of all Calvary, Western Pennsylvania Insurrection ("Whiskey Rebellion") 1794
  • Robert Aitken - Captain US Soccer Team - 1928 Olympics
  • John Albert (Becky) Beckman - Basketball Hall of Fame - Captain and Forward: New York Original Celtics
  • Russell Aubrey (Lena) Blackburne - Major League Baseball Player - Originator in 1938 of Blackburne's "Delaware River Baseball Mud" still used to prepare balls for play in the Major Leagues
  • Bernard (Benny) Borgmann, Sr - Professional Basketball Player - Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Roger (Doc) Cramer - Major League Baseball Player - .296 lifetime average - one of two players to go 6-for-6 twice in career
  • Maxwell Washburn (Maxey) Long - Winner of the 400 meter run in the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris, France
  • Frank Emil Arthur (Frankie) Schneider, Jr. - Champion Modified Stock Car Driver - member of the National Auto Racing Hall of Fame
  • Philip Embury Margerum Thompson - Manager of the Atlantic City Convention Hall, Organizer of the Eastern Ice Hockey League and Amateur Ice Hockey Association - Enshrined in Ice Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Buzz Aldrin Jr. - Astronaut - 2nd man to walk on moon
  • James Edward Blackmore - Inventor of the first moving picture machine camera - 1892
  • Simon Lake - Naval Architect - Inventor of even keel-type submarine torpedo boats. Builder of the first submarine to operate successfully in the open sea. Inventor of apparatus for locating and recovering sunken vessels.
  • John Martin Thomas - Educator - President of four separate colleges from 1908-1944: (Middlebury (Vt.) College, Pennsylvania State College, Rutgers University, Norwich (Vt.) University), unique in the annals of American Education
  • Danny Thomas (Amos Jacobs) - Philanthropist, Humanitarian, Star of stage, screen and television - Recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor
  • Allen Lee Bassett - founder and first President of The Prudential Insurance Company
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