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2005 Independence Day Parade

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Details and photos from the 2005 Ridgewood July 4th Parade

Thanks to Bro. Fred Van Dyk

The theme of this year's Independence Day parade was Treasures of America. Utilizing this theme, we decided to center on the importance of the Declaration of Independence. This idea allowed us to use both the theme of the parade and Freemasonry into one concept.

The Declaration of Independence is certainly a Treasure of America and it is documented that nine signers of the Declaration were Freemasons.

Thus the vision was set - "Fidelity Lodge Honors Our Brother Masons Who Signed the Declaration". The float included the final sentence of the Declaration - "We pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor" - to remind people of the sacrifice the members of the Continental Congress made to advance our independence from England. The names of the nine signers were also included on the float: Benjamin Franklin, William Whipple, William Ellery, George Walton, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, William Hooper, Joseph Hewes and New Jersey's own Richard Stockton.

On Saturday, July 2nd, final preparation of the displays were completed and on Sunday, July 3rd, the flatbed arrived and we laid out the final display. Final assembly was made at the parade site and we rolled off with about 150 members of the Masons, Eastern Star, DeMolay, Order of Rainbow and the Shriners motor corps.

After the parade, everyone returned to the lodge for the annual July 4th Barbecue.

A work in progress
The float is a work in progress
More work going on
Front view of the float
Front view of the float
Signers of the Declaration of Independence
The list of signers of Declaration of Independence
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