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Officers - 2015
Most Excellent High Priest
Ex. Alastair Northway
Excellent King Comp. Joshua Katzenstein
Excellent Scribe Comp. Joseph Carney
Secretary / Treasurer
RE Edward W. Archbold, PGC
Captain of the Host Ex. Wayne I. Woogen, PHP
Principal Sojourner Ex. Roy Simpadian
Royal Arch Captain Comp. Guy Notte
Chaplain Comp. Bryan Bowden
Grand Master of the 3rd Veil RE Michael Firkser
Grand Master of the 2nd Veil Ex. Howard Bookbinder
Grand Master of the 1st Veil Comp. Donald Kanarr
Tyler Ex. Philip L. Brustlin, PHP
Ex. Wayne I. Woogen, PHP
Trustee RE Edward W. Archbold, PGC
Our Active Past High Priests
RE Edward W. Archbold, PGC 1988 - 90
Ex. Philip L. Brustlin 1991, 2013
Ex. Jacob C. Van Bergen 1994
Ex. Norman Johansen 1996
Ex. Kenneth Keezer 2003 - 04
Ex. Wayne I. Woogen 2005 - 06
RE Michael T. Firkser, GC 2007 - 08
RE Thomas Rensvold 2009 -10
Ex. Roy Simpadian 2011
Ex. Joshua Katzenstein 2012
Ex. Howard Bookbinder 2014
Ex. Alastair Northway 2015
Grand High Priest
Most Excellent Newlin Williams
District Deputy Grand High Priest
RE Michael Shepherd
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