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1946 to 1971 (cont)

Early in 1953 an attempt was made to prepare a photo album picturing all the brothers of the Lodge. On February 27 pictures of 160 members were taken and mounted in a book. Unfortunately they were not identified at that time but recent efforts have identified most of them.

On May 29 the Master, W.Bro. Will McLain, held "Public Service Night". Over 200 fellow workers of the Master were present with a total attendance of 276. R.W. Bro. Wm. S. Davis presented the Lodge with two desk lamps for use of the treasurer and secretary. This was the fourth Lodge meeting in May and degree work was conducted at each of them. Ten brothers were raised that month. In all there were 26 Lodge meetings during the year with degree work at 21 of them.

On February 26, 1954, Bro. Clarence VanZile and Bro. (now R.W. Bro.) Thomas O. Lester presented a framed picture of George Washington to the Lodge. This picture now decorates the wall of the waiting room.

At the last meeting in October, 1955, the Alexander Hamilton Chapter, Order of DeMolay of Union City exemplified the Flower Degree for the members of the Lodge. The following month the Lodge voted to sponsor our own Chapter of DeMolay in Ridgewood.

In January 1956 the meeting nights were established as we now observe them through an amendment to the By-laws.

At the first meeting in March, M.W. Charles B. Folley, P.G.M. was presented a medal commemorating his 25 years as an honorary member of Fidelity Lodge. The medal was designed by W. Bro. Eugene C. Rohrbach.

In October, Bro. Percy Hill presented a group of pictures of past Masters. The frame for the pictures had been made by W. Bro. Pierre Zabriskie using wood from a local tree.

The Fidelity Masonic Fund was founded by Trust Agreement on November 22, 1965. It is a charitable Fund to be used primarily for medical treatment and rehabilitation of the needy residing in Bergen and Passaic Counties. It was created while Wor. Bro. Harold E. Fine was Master and prompted by his desire that Fidelity Lodge should have a charitable purpose on a local level that would be recognized by the community. While organized by Fidelity Lodge, it was anticipated that all Masonic organizations located in Ridgewood would cooperate in its charitable purposes.

It is governed by ten Trustees who serve a three-year term, who are appointed by the Master subject to the approval of its members. An advisory committee of three is appointed to investigate and recommend those to whom grants should be made. The Fund is not intended to be used primarily for members of Fidelity, but for all residents of Ridgewood and vicinity. It has been supported by individual contributions, as well as by the activities of Fidelity Lodge and other local Masonic groups.

In the spring of 1967 the first David P. White Memorial Golf Outing was held. This has now become a highlight of each year for golfers and duffers alike. The proceeds, after expenses, are donated to the Fidelity Masonic Fund.

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